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29. marca 2022


In the past, fights were won with a good tactic. Roman Legions used the Tortoise formation: a tactic of moving towards the opponent in a formation in which it wasn’t possible to hit the soldiers from the side or from the front. Russians during WWII let the German troops freeze before Stalingrad and after cutting the supplies of food and gas Germans had no chance to be successful. English air force helped to sink the German battleship Bismarck with slow and old Swordfish planes. The strong canons from the ship could not target the planes.

Even now, big games and championships are won with tactics. Not only does the tactic have to be set but it also has to be right and players must follow it from the first ball to the last. It is not about the fact that one or some players are physically more powerful or can jump higher. Yes, sometimes it is enough to jump higher or have better physical conditions if the opponent is 2 or 3 levels lower but relying on these facts for the results at the end of the whole season, or to win the national or world championship like this – that is too big of a risk



The older coaches say: “This generation of players is not the same as ours was”. They want young players to be like they were at that age because only in that way they will understand the game.
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A team that wants to be successful for a long period of time has to lower the difference between the concentration during practice and during games. Therefore, achieve the same level of playing skills during practices and during games.
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Becoming a player that has a lot of strength is possible at any moment during the career, but being technically capable and creative not. We live in 2021 and I, as a coach, reflect on where volleyball is going, which are the latest trends and how I can be helpful to my players. We all see how volleyball is changing and developing and every good coach has to (should) react and adapt to changes.
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