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29. marca 2022


IF YOU DON'T WANT YOUR PLAYERS TO DO ERRORS DURING THE GAME, YOU HAVE MAKE SURE THEY STOP DOING THEM DURING PRACTICE. It is not the first time, I am talking about the connection between practices and games. Volleyball brings many different situations and moments, but I will choose some that fit this topic.

A player during practice that is a talented receiver will be passing the ball really close to the net (almost to the other side) but when the setter is shorter, he will be struggling to do a good set to the choosed zone. The receivers during practice will pass balls that are going to the out, but they should not do it because they will also try to pass balls that are going out of the court during the game. The players on the net during practice touch the net just for fun thinking that during the game they will be avoiding touching the net. That’s a LIE, of course they will be making the same mistake during the game if they do them during practice.. and what’s more they will be doing them at the end of the set during an important game. This will definitely don’t make you happy. Hands, legs, reactions, mind… every part of the body will remember all the right and wrong moves and touches with the ball. If the players will make them regularly for a long period of time during practices, that long period of time it will take to take away those bad habits.

“The mind will do what you teach her to do”



Becoming a player that has a lot of strength is possible at any moment during the career, but being technically capable and creative not. We live in 2021 and I, as a coach, reflect on where volleyball is going, which are the latest trends and how I can be helpful to my players. We all see how volleyball is changing and developing and every good coach has to (should) react and adapt to changes.
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A team that wants to be successful for a long period of time has to lower the difference between the concentration during practice and during games. Therefore, achieve the same level of playing skills during practices and during games.
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Everyone knows the story of the Trojan Horse, when the Greeks could not enter Troy. Odysseus suggested that they would build a huge wooden-horse statue, where the soldiers hid ... and you know the rest of it.
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