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29. marca 2022


Becoming a player that has a lot of strength is possible at any moment during the career, but being technically capable and creative not. We live in 2021 and I, as a coach, reflect on where volleyball is going, which are the latest trends and how I can be helpful to my players. We all see how volleyball is changing and developing and every good coach has to (should) react and adapt to changes.

Today, players are prepared much better, are stronger, faster and jump higher and higher. There are always players who exceed the limits, for example in the maximum jump height of the attack. Who knows, maybe one day I will see how a player will reach 4 meters with the jump. Coaches often push young players to be more mature and muscular as soon as possible, even before they are able to play volleyball. Players jump high before knowing the basics of the game, attack hard before being able to control the ball, serve aces before knowing how to serve to all areas. In easier words, they want to reach the adult pro level as soon as possible.

In my opinion, we shouldn’t ignore the natural development of the player. Firstly a child learns how to walk, not how to drive. In first grade they learn to write and read not quantum physics. If a child paints, he/she begins with a drawing of a house, star, flower or heart, not with painting the Mona Lisa. The constriction of a skyscraper with 80 floors does not begin with the constriction of the twenty-second floor but with the constriction of strong foundations ….. and this also works in volleyball and in any other sport.

We have to start with the elementary things and then continue moving forward. There will be time for each player to grow and develop their potential.

The player will grow at every stage of his career.



We spend a lot of time during practice learning the volleyball skills like hitting, serving, setting, passing, blocking, and playing in defense .... But is that enough? Is it enough to teach a 16-year-old player these skills and then stop paying attention to learning? No, it is not enough, it is a MISTAKE.
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In the past, fights were won with a good tactic. Roman Legions used the Tortoise formation: a tactic of moving towards the opponent in a formation in which it wasn’t possible to hit the soldiers from the side or from the front. Russians during WWII let the German troops freeze before Stalingrad and after cutting the supplies of food and gas Germans had no chance to be successful. English air force helped to sink the German battleship Bismarck with slow and old Swordfish planes. The strong canons from the ship could not target the planes.
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Pay attention when practicing only the weakest playing skills. These skills should only be at a level in which it does not hurt the team or the results.
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